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2012-03-07 Alexander WolfMerge branch 'master' of indico-software.org/repo/indico master
2012-03-01 Pedro Ferreira[FIX] 'console' JS calls
2012-03-01 Pedro Ferreira[DOC] Updated docs
2012-03-01 Jose Benito[MIN] Increasing max size for regform cpations
2012-03-01 Matthew Pugh[DOC] Timetable Drag & Drop Documentation
2012-03-01 Pedro Ferreira[FIX] Bring groups back
2012-03-01 Pedro Ferreira[IMP] Date calculation in VSO
2012-03-01 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Save pic error report if not attached
2012-03-01 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Pending participants if event started
2012-03-01 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Go to day IE not working
2012-03-01 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Video services oveview static URL
2012-03-01 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Conference id multiple times
2012-03-01 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Contribution AC not groups as submitters
2012-03-01 Alberto Resco... [FIX] ContributionParticipation with no contrib
2012-03-01 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Abstract does not belong to track
2012-03-01 Pedro Ferreira[FIX] migration of rooms/locations
2012-03-01 Jose Benito[FIX] Removed 'asdf...' from code
2012-03-01 Jose BenitoMerge branch 'v0.98-series' of pcudssw1515.cern.ch...
2012-02-29 Jose Benito[FIX] Disallow export ics in robots.txt
2012-02-29 Pedro Ferreira[FIX] JS syntax error in RecordingManager
2012-02-29 Pedro Ferreira[FIX] BOA - caching - add option to disable/dirty
2012-02-28 Pedro Ferreira[FIX] Comparison using maxAdvanceDays
2012-02-28 Jose Benito[FIX] Style for tabs in search
2012-02-28 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Participants not allow add groups
2012-02-28 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Abstract submission file empty
2012-02-28 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Internal page not set page
2012-02-28 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Fix TT inline edit room location
2012-02-28 Jose Benito[ADD] Migration for session slots location and room
2012-02-28 Jose Benito[FIX] removed update of session location and room
2012-02-27 Pedro Ferreira[FIX] Extra comma (IE)
2012-02-27 Jose Benito[FIX] Location inheritance for session slots
2012-02-27 Jose Benito[FIX] Apply for participation not used in XML output
2012-02-26 Jose Benito[FIX] Error if abstract was removed from contrib
2012-02-26 Jose Benito[FIX] Error when there is no location nor address
2012-02-25 Jose Benito[FIX] Error when trying to get a non existing logo
2012-02-25 Pedro Ferreira[FIX] "Apply for participation" in CDS Agenda style
2012-02-25 Pedro Ferreira[FIX] Forgotten pydev call
2012-02-25 Pedro Ferreira[FIX] Search - paging cache bug
2012-02-25 Jose Benito[FIX] Want to participate for cdsagenda
2012-02-25 Jose Benito[FIX] Logger super call
2012-02-24 Pedro Ferreira[DOC] Doc update
2012-02-24 Jose Benito[FIX] accommodation showing limit when no limit
2012-02-24 Pedro FerreiraMerge branch 'v0.98b2' into v0.98-series
2012-02-24 Pedro Ferreira[FIX] Removed padding that broke SocialIcon
2012-02-24 Matthew Pugh[FIX] VS iCal titles & scheduled contributions
2012-02-24 Jose Benito[IMP] Hide private disclaimer for ical
2012-02-24 Jose Benito[FIX] Add webcast audience also for lectures
2012-02-24 Jose Benito[MIN] Center default calendar view
2012-02-24 Matthew Pugh[FIX] iCal VS export issues with contributions
2012-02-24 Jose Benito[FIX] Allow to use <b> and <i> in reportlab
2012-02-23 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Cloning menu extra check
2012-02-23 Alberto Resco... [DOC] Participants module update
2012-02-23 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Vidyo cloning fixes
2012-02-23 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Invalid scheduleEntryId TT
2012-02-23 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Include Dialog.js in electronic agreement.
2012-02-23 Matthew Pugh[MIN] VS iCal Ouput: Condensed prefixes
2012-02-23 Pedro Ferreira[FIX] Migration - partial commits
2012-02-23 Matthew Pugh[FIX] iCal export for VS breaking with alarms
2012-02-23 Pedro Ferreira[FIX] Forgotten `cal` parameter
2012-02-22 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Shoe reject all conflicts out of summary
2012-02-22 Alberto Resco... [FIX] My rooms show msg if no rooms.
2012-02-22 Alberto Resco... [FIX] RB user rooms if no rooms crashes
2012-02-22 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Clone conference menu layout page and space
2012-02-22 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Popup button pane border color
2012-02-22 Alberto Resco... [FIX] TT text changed time event
2012-02-22 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Not compile minutes in Lectures
2012-02-22 Alberto Resco... [FIX] "All days" tab TT selected not moved
2012-02-22 Alberto Resco... [FIX] No mandatory tags reject with email
2012-02-22 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Check before add participant if pending.
2012-02-22 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Export popup TT size and positioning.
2012-02-22 Jose Benito[FIX] Avoid session resize after adding contrib
2012-02-22 Pedro Ferreira[FIX] Functional tests - redirect loop
2012-02-22 Matthew Pugh[MIN] Documentation Updates for VS iCal Export
2012-02-22 Matthew Pugh[MIN] Resolved missing dependency in VSO
2012-02-22 Jose Benito[FIX] Allow access to review material for PR Mgrs
2012-02-22 Matthew Pugh[MIN] VSO skip time parsing if not available.
2012-02-22 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Refere access to PaperReviewing
2012-02-22 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Use index in My Rooms RB
2012-02-22 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Button for add user/groups popup
2012-02-22 Alberto Resco... [FIX] iCal popup agreement text changes.
2012-02-22 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Refactor filter tab in TT
2012-02-22 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Add participant (group) to a meeting
2012-02-22 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Event creation protection font-size
2012-02-22 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Add sessions and subcontribs compile minutes
2012-02-21 Pedro Ferreira[FIX] Migration script - DB probe
2012-02-21 Jose Benito[FIX] Missing param in booking (restriction of days...
2012-02-21 Jose Benito[FIX] change name of link to pre-booking
2012-02-21 Pedro Ferreira[FIX] Made tests_require work
2012-02-21 Pedro Ferreira[FIX] Removed dead code
2012-02-21 Pedro Ferreira[FIX] Cached protected results
2012-02-20 Pedro Ferreira[FIX] Small setup.py fixes
2012-02-20 Pedro Ferreira[FIX] Missing index creation
2012-02-20 Pedro Ferreira[FIX] Several fixes in cause the RB is off
2012-02-20 Jose Benito[FIX] Popup Assign Per in PaperRev always open
2012-02-20 Jose Benito[FIX] Export to pdf from tracks>abstracts
2012-02-20 Jose Benito[FIX] Remaining loginas parameter
2012-02-20 Jose Benito[IMP] Added message info about DB connection
2012-02-20 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Fix add author popup CFA
2012-02-20 Alberto Resco... [FIX] Fix create conference roombooking
2012-02-20 Jose Benito[FIX] Missing abs attachemnt URL

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