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Git-repositories of Altai Linux User Group

2011-06-27 unknownAdded IssueSectionAssociation Model master
2011-06-19 unknownAdded profile pictures
2011-05-08 unknownAdded tag_line field in Issue model.
2011-03-03 unknownAdded time_mce nonjquery version.
2011-03-01 unknownFixed settings.py
2011-01-09 unknownFixed bugs in article page/
2011-01-09 unknownFixed bugs in article page/
2011-01-07 unknownFixed bugs
2011-01-07 unknownFixed search page.
2011-01-05 unknownFixed css and article admin model
2011-01-03 unknownFixed some changes
2010-12-31 unknownAdded RSS link.
2010-12-31 unknownAdded RSS feed
2010-12-31 unknownFixed bugs in capcha text checking and added wysiwyg...
2010-12-31 unknownAdded jquery and jquery tiny-mce editor
2010-12-31 unknownRemoved the link for publisher
2010-12-11 unknownAdded all project files.
2010-12-11 unknownFirst commit.

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