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[qunit.git] / package.json
2012-08-30 Jörn ZaeffererBump post-release version
2012-08-30 Jörn ZaeffererRelease 1.10.0
2012-08-30 Jörn ZaeffererNo more googlemail
2012-08-22 Jörn ZaeffererChange package.json author to AUTHORS.txt reference
2012-07-26 Jörn ZaeffererUpdate site links
2012-07-11 Scott GonzálezAdded list of authors.
2012-07-11 Jörn ZaeffererMerge remote branch 'origin/master'
2012-07-11 Jörn ZaeffererBump post-release version
2012-07-11 Jörn ZaeffererRelease 1.9.0
2012-06-29 Jörn ZaeffererMerge remote branch 'Krinkle/issue/267'
2012-06-14 Jörn ZaeffererChange package.json name property to 'qunitjs' to avoid...
2012-06-13 Jörn ZaeffererBump post-release version
2012-06-13 Jörn ZaeffererRelease 1.8.0
2012-06-07 Jörn ZaeffererBump post-release version
2012-06-07 Jörn ZaeffererRelease 1.7.0
2012-05-08 Jörn ZaeffererUpdate node-testswarm
2012-05-04 Jörn ZaeffererBump post-release version
2012-05-04 Jörn ZaeffererRelease 1.6.0
2012-05-01 Jörn ZaeffererUse fixed version to force npm to update via `npm install`
2012-05-01 Jörn ZaeffererUpdate testswarm dependency
2012-04-30 Jörn ZaeffererAdd testswarm integration as grunt task
2012-04-04 Jörn ZaeffererBump post-release version
2012-04-04 Jörn ZaeffererRelease 1.5.0
2012-03-29 Jörn ZaeffererUpdate to latest Grunt
2012-03-10 Jörn ZaeffererBump post-release version
2012-03-10 Jörn ZaeffererRelease 1.4.0
2012-03-10 Jörn ZaeffererUpdate grunt.js with seperate configs for qunit.js...
2012-03-07 Jörn ZaeffererUpdate package.json
2012-02-26 Jörn ZaeffererBump post-release version
2012-02-26 Jörn ZaeffererRelease 1.3.0
2011-10-10 Jörn ZaeffererMerge remote branch 'wwalser/recursionBug'
2011-10-10 Jörn ZaeffererMerge remote branch 'mmchaney/master'
2011-10-10 Jörn ZaeffererMerge remote branch 'Krinkle/master'
2011-10-06 Jörn ZaeffererBump post-release version
2011-10-06 Jörn ZaeffererRelease 1.0.0
2011-10-06 Jörn ZaeffererPreparing 1.0.0 release
2011-09-16 Jörn ZaeffererMerge remote branch 'righi/close-enough-addon'
2011-09-16 Jörn ZaeffererMerge remote branch 'wwalser/composite'
2011-09-11 Jörn ZaeffererMerge remote branch 'wwalser/multipleCallbacks'
2011-09-05 Jan AlonzoFixed syntax error and CommonJS incompatibilities in...
2011-08-05 Jörn ZaeffererMerge remote branch 'erikvold/one-chk-in-title'
2011-08-05 Jörn ZaeffererMerge remote branch 'wwalser/syncStopCalls'
2011-07-13 Jörn ZaeffererSet 'The jQuery Project' as author in package.json
2009-09-30 John ResigMoved the QUnit source into a separate directory and...
2009-09-30 John ResigMissing quote from package.json.
2009-09-30 John ResigFixed trailing comma in package.json.
2009-09-30 John ResigAdded a CommonJS/Narwhal package.json file.

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