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Fix lint errors and some formatting issues. Use QUnit.pushFailure for noglobals and...
[qunit.git] / qunit / qunit.css
2012-02-26 Jörn ZaeffererBump post-release version
2012-02-26 Jörn ZaeffererRelease 1.3.0
2012-02-15 Jörn ZaeffererSet fixed dimensions for #qunit-fixture. Fixes #114
2012-02-15 KrinkleKeep label and checkbox together ( i.imgur.com/5Wk3A...
2012-02-15 Jörn ZaeffererUpdate headers
2011-12-08 Jörn ZaeffererMerge pull request #181 from simonz/development
2011-11-24 Jörn ZaeffererBump post-release version
2011-11-24 Jörn ZaeffererRelease v1.2.0
2011-10-11 Jörn ZaeffererBump post-release version
2011-10-11 Jörn ZaeffererRelease 1.1.0
2011-10-10 Jörn ZaeffererMerge remote branch 'wwalser/recursionBug'
2011-10-10 Jörn ZaeffererMerge remote branch 'mmchaney/master'
2011-10-10 Jörn ZaeffererMerge remote branch 'Krinkle/master'
2011-10-06 Jörn ZaeffererBump post-release version
2011-10-06 Jörn ZaeffererRelease 1.0.0
2011-10-06 Jörn ZaeffererPreparing 1.0.0 release
2011-09-16 Jörn ZaeffererMerge remote branch 'righi/close-enough-addon'
2011-08-11 Jörn ZaeffererMerge remote branch 'tweetdeck/master'
2011-08-01 Rob KinninmontFix formatting (css whitespace) for tracebacks.
2011-05-16 Jörn ZaeffererCleanup whitespace
2011-05-05 Jörn ZaeffererMerge pull request #107 from sexyprout/master
2011-05-05 sexyproutSet a generic font
2011-04-20 jzaeffererAdd/update headers
2011-03-08 jzaeffererAdd a "Rerun" link to each test to replce the dblclick...
2011-03-03 jzaeffererMerge remote branch 'scottgonzalez/url'
2011-03-02 jzaeffererMake reordering optional (QUnit.config.reorder = false...
2011-02-15 Anton MOptimize the hiding of passed tests.
2011-02-15 jzaeffererPosition test results above test list, making it visibl...
2011-01-12 jzaeffererAlways show quni-toolbar (if at all specified), persist...
2010-11-27 jzaeffererMerge branch 'prettydiff'
2010-11-27 Nikita VasilyevImprove jsDump output with formatted diffs.
2010-11-04 Nikita VasilyevBread crumb in header: Link to suite without filters...
2010-09-23 jeresigMerge branch 'master' of github.com:jquery/qunit
2010-09-09 Leon Sorokin- less css cruft, better readability
2010-08-29 jzaeffererInsert location.href as an anchor around the header...
2010-07-29 Douglas NeinerOptimized and cleaned up CSS file
2010-07-28 jzaeffererIntroducing #qunit-fixture element, deprecating the...
2010-07-22 Leon Sorokinadd css style for result (".test-actual") in passed...
2010-07-18 jzaeffererAdd ability to css style a test's messages, expected...
2010-07-18 Leon Sorokin- removed "module" wording from reports (unneeded and...
2009-12-17 Frances Berriman'Test card' design added
2009-12-15 Frances Berrimanswitched green to blue for top-level pass + reduced...
2009-12-09 Rune HalvorsenExplicitly set list-style-position: inside on result...
2009-12-09 Frances BerrimanMadness with border-radius.
2009-12-09 Frances BerrimanCorrected banner styles for new class names
2009-12-09 Frances BerrimanAdded rounded corners and removed body rules for embedd...
2009-12-06 jeresigResolving merge conflicts.
2009-12-06 Frances Berrimanadded colouring for value summary
2009-12-06 Frances Berrimanadding some extra text colours
2009-12-06 Frances Berrimanadded styles for toolbar
2009-12-06 Frances Berrimanadded new styles
2009-12-03 jeresigIE 6 and 7 weren't respecting the CSS rules for the...
2009-09-30 John ResigMoved the QUnit source into a separate directory and...

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